Our story

Even before the construction of today's building in 1858, you could find a house of similar size in the same place.

In 1779 it was mentioned as a 2-storied house. The constructor of it was Tobias Meyer.

In 1807, it was first used as an inn together with a brewery

​In 1831 a 2-storied residential building was grown to the economic building.

The economic building was completely used until approx. 1857. At this point, the today's existing inn with a beer brewery, distillery and a Malzdörre was built up.

​During the following years, the various stables were grown. Among the rest, one more cold room.

​Approximately in 1888, the brewery company was put down, but the service of the inn continued until 1956.

The years afterwards ' the swan ' was rented to different textile companies.

In 1988 the building was renovated completely. From 1990 up to his closing in 2011 the inn ' the swan ' was managed among different tenants. After the owner's change in 2012 and the next renovation, ' the swan ' was reopened in April 2013 and has since been run as a bed and breakfast.